Beyond bread to the bread of life. Beyond ourselves to Christ.

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CES Needs List

Click here to see a listing of needs that you may be able to help supply.


  • Hygiene supplies
  • Paper grocery bags with handles

Drop off at CES - 1900 11th Avenue S. 

Volunteer Contacts

For Information about Volunteering:
Contact: Melanie LaPointe, CES Volunteer Coordinator
Email: mlapointe@cesmn.org
Phone: 612-870-1125, extension 128

If you have questions about specific areas:

For Afternoon Interviewers/Advocates, Food Shelf:
Emily Ralph
Email: eralph@cesmn.org
Phone: 612-870-1125, extension 111

For Home Delivery:
Saundra Holden
Email: sholden@cesmn.org
Phone: 612-870-1125, extension 115

For Meals on Wheels:
Shawnda Hobson
Email: shobson@cesmn.org
Phone: 612-870-6121 or 612-870-1125, extension 106

For Mail Crew, Office & Clerical help:
Juanita Lindgren
Email: jlindgren@cesmn.org
Phone: 612-870-1125, extension 101

Fundraising, Marketing or Events (Volunteer or Internship):
Chris Nelson
Email: cnelsen@cesmn.org
Phone: 612-870-1125, extension 105

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