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Within the past few years, CES has expanded its boundaries to include the Phillips neighborhood (where we make our home), portions of south Minneapolis, Loring Nicolet area and North Minneapolis.

  • CES serves one of the most diverse and densely populated neighborhoods of Minneapolis. Over 21,000 people live within its boundaries.
  • This area is home to new immgrants, expecially from Latin America, Mexico and Africa. In fact, almost 35% of the residents were born outside of the United States. We are home to one of the largest segments of the Somali community.
  • Because of a growing number of treatment and supportive housing facilities to help people with addiction, mental illness and incarceration, this area has become the first stopover on the path back to mainstream society.
  • Due to its relatively affordable rents and many supportive services, many older people with limited incomes are attracted to this area.
  • 70% of our client assists are now elderly or disabled people, a percentage which is expected to grow substantially each year for the next decade.
  • Within the boundaries of North Minneapolis, of it's over 35,000 people, it is currently over 43% black and 13% Asian.
  • In North Minneapolis, 59% of its working population earn less than $25,000/year with the major 200% below the poverty level.
  • The highest area of violent crimes committed is in the northern part of Minneapolis.

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